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SO ME, well-known French graphic artist launched a tableware brand, X RATED TABLEWARE. For his first collection, he featured one of the most historical Japanese porcelain, called Arita porcelain.
The collection features audacious, but elegant graphics on Japanese premium porcelains. This brand will release products as art pieces each season. See the collaboration of one of France's modern artists and the most premium Japanese porcelain.

French artist SO ME, who has been in charge of numerous art directions, presents TABLEWARE with porcelain from Arita, which boasts a history dating back to 1616 (400 years).
Although it is "X RATED", the design of SO ME that feels elegance and the work made with the finest Arita porcelain represent a collaboration between France and Japan.
Four works will be released as the first series, but it will continue as a universally continuing "work" rather than a "product" that changes every season.