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nana-nana x POTR

Details :
Signature paper size A5 It is made into panels and is used on the front and back of the tote bag. It is characterized by the fact that the sides and bottom are all made of A5, and the interior has a pocket that can store a laptop.

Material : Nylon
Nylon, originally an industrial material used for the base fabric of rubber boards, is intentionally dyed. .
The warp threads and the luster of the threads are different from regular 210 ox nylon, creating a unique luster and vertically rough feel.

Sizing :
Body: H 42cm x W 44.4cm x D 14.8cm
Strap: 52.5cm

Pocket (removable): A4 (29.7cm x 21cm)
Pocket (non-removable): 16inch (36cm x 25cm)